NASA GTS Roadracing

The NASA German Touring Series (GTS) is comprised of six classes of German cars organized strictly based on power- to-weight ratios. This simple formula provides broad flexibility in both vehicle choice and in the modifications allowed (which include just about anything). The result is a broad range of modifications and extraordinarily close racing.


GTS classes range from GTS1 (with the highest power-to-weight ratio) all the way up to GTS5, and the unlimited GTSU which has no mandated limits. Most GTS cars tend to be either Porsches or BMWs but GTS fields include vehicles from Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, and even the new MINI. GTS has rules in place to discourage body contact and encourage good sportsmanship. Because of the wide variety of eligible cars, cost to build a competitive car could range from $10,000 to almost anything.

We are looking forward to another great season of German Touring Series roadracing. Thanks for your support and see you at the track!